Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekly Recap - Jan #1

Jangaaaan komeentaaarrr...karena saya sadar sesadar-sadarnya, kalo posting ini udah BA to the SI. Lah janjinya mau nulis recap every Friday, nah ini udah Tuesday Wednesday. Tapi gapapa lah yaa..ya..yaa..telat 4 5 hari doank *nyengirkuda!

Okeey-lah, lets'go lah kita on to the recap. My first weekly recap in 2013..isinya selama seminggu ini apa saudara2??!!

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
N          G               A               N            T           U             K

Kereeeen yaaaah, bisa pas gituu..hahaha :D *biasa aja tuh!

Lanjuut ke posting yang lebih kaga penting!

On Holiday
You see, no one was happy when holiday ended and that we're forced to go back to our routines. Well, same like me-la. I'm not happy too. My time to 'leyeh-leyeh' is over now. No more wake up at 10am or even 11am, no more taking shower if only needed (ketauuaan deeh :P), no more silent BB and no more wearing only t-shirt and shorts for the entire day. Buuutt, reality slaps me in the face as I must do whatever things I did before the holiday starts. Ggrrrr!

But well, my holiday was awesome, although i only spent most of the day at home and in town. Nothing much to do actually. I passed my NY eve at Kemang with the girls, spent first and second day off before working day by just hanging out with bunch of friends. Going here, going there..pusing2 lah ceritanya!

On Gituu Deeeh
Received a very shocking news. Not in terms of a good one looh! It's a very horrible horrible news. Who would've though that someone has the ability to think and act and talk like that. Lesson learned, never ever ever trust anyone besides your family. -to be continued

On Bergembira Bersama Bumil
Akhirnya, bisa juga bersua dengan bumil super sibuk @dkp_style. We met at Plaza Senayan and had lunch at De Luca before window shoppingan and went to her new apt to see the upcoming baby boy's room..yaya!


On Try New Place
After almost everyday for months and months bosen ngeliat tulisan "Coming Soon" doank di LG Sency. Finally saudarah2, Kitchenette Sency is now officially open for public. So last Friday, Me, Icy and Etta went there to try the new place. Just as same as their previous outlet at CP and PI, the concept, the ambiance and the foods are all not much different. Their specialties are still the sweet crepes, esp : Abigail (sweet crepes topped with peach and vanilla/choco ice cream) & Eduardo (salty and savory crepes topped with turkey bacon/beef, mozzarella cheese and Potato chips ) which i didn't ordered that day. What i like the most about this place is the outdoor area in the back. It sleek and simple and smoking free :D aahh, another nice place to hang out at Sency. 

*amateuur photos -_-

On Early Year Life
Rock On Baby!!!!

On My Swing Mood
Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy.

On Health
I'm starting to seriously taking a high dosage of Vit C every single day. Mulai dari yang kaplet, tablet sampe effervescent..hajar semuanya! It's because the weather is so not friendly lately. So sorry to say..i too, don't want to befriended with unfriendly weather though! Besides Vit C, I also planning to find a good vitamins for my eyes. It's getting more and more concerning every day. Now i can hardly see anything withing 100m away X__X and the fact that there are plenty of eyes vitamins to choose for is making me dizzy. Don't know which one to buy..*stillsearching
ps: Can you suggest me a good one?

On Guilty Pleasures
Be in the next post..too long to post in here :D

On Wishes
- I wanna go traveling again
- I wanna go to Bandung and eat at Stone Cafe
- I wanna eat Kambing Bakar Kairo
- I wanna eat Begor Surabaya
- I wanna eat ES OYEEEN agaaaain...Maaaak, pindah kemana siih maaak?? *aku merindukanmu :(((
- I wanna try Zumba
- I wanna ride a bicycle *geez, i hope i dont forget how!
- I wanna try and collect different foundation :D

Demikian dan Terima Kasih

XoXo ;)


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