Sunday, February 9, 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs - MBM5032 Watch

Other than being known as a Red lover, Banana Phobia, Blazer addict and a -self proclaimed- good billiard player. I am also known as a die-hard fans of an over-sized watch!

I've always considered big watch, men watch or hard-to-missed watch as a something eye-catching. Ever since I teenage, all of my big brothers always bought me a huge sporty watch. So instead of buying me a cute girly2 pastel color Baby-G watch, my Bros would prefer to buy a sporty G-Shock watch. Well, perhaps that's one of the reason why I loved over-sized watch up until now.

So far, I've owned 4 over-sized rounded watch from various brands which 2 of them are from Michael Kors. And one square gold watch, also from MK.  I started to collecting timepieces because they are the most multi-functional accessory. Watches give you the time and sometimes the date, while making a great fashion statement. I especially love everything that has a chunky bands, big faces and a chronograph details on it. Somehow they look really standout and can polish any look.

Lately I've been itching to expand my watch collection with something that looks more masculine, and that is a black stainless steel watch. This sleek type of watch has been in my bucket list for several months, yet I never had a chance to spare my money on it.

My choice for a black stainless steel watch goes to MBM 5032 from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was love at a first sight. I can still remember how I like it so very much until I swore to myself I must have it in my life. Seriously, that's exactly what I feel at that moment. But then again, the cash flow takes control! I can't have it...even until few months passed.

But the wise man said "what should be yours will come to you" *ngarangdotcom.

Until few days ago, I can finally get my hands on this dream watch MBM 5032 from Marc by Marc Jacobs at Urban Icon Central Park Mall. The story to get this watch is quite long though. Starting from the idea of selling my giveaway MK watch that is too small for me and luckily one of my "Arisan" friend has an interest to it and so she bought it. Long story short, I planned to use the cash money to buy my dream MJ watch.

To my surprise, Jo called me saying that her husband was willing to give me an additional discount on the watch that I want. Well, at first I was thinking that even though I didn't get the discount, I will still going to buy it. So hearing that sort of news from Jo makes me feel very lucky as it means I can get the watch with cheaper price tho! Alhamdulillah.

And so now, my mission has completed by owning the black stainless steel watch that I have been dreaming of since months ago.

After this, jangan pikir ekeh kaga nafsu ma jam lainnya ya cyint, secara masa pencinta merah kaga punya jam tangan warna merah! sooo...let's hunt the red watch.



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