Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Can Never Have Enough Blazers

Ternyata posting blog tanpa attachment gambar apapun terlihat boring juga yaa, apalagi udah 2 hari berturut-turut postingan gw isinya hanya curhat ga guna, keluh kesah, marah-marah dan panjang pulaa ceritanya!!! Gw yang bikin sendiri aja udah males bacanya, apalagi orang lain?!
*berasabanyakyangbacaajagie :D

Dan ternyata (lagi) gw baru inget kalo belum sempet posting my other blazer haul (penting yaah?!) But for me posting gambar yang lucu-lucu is quite entertain juga, lumayan lah setelah bermanyun-manyun ria baca posting sebelumnya, eh pas lanjut scroll ke atas ternyata ada penampakan yang seger-seger :p

As always, gw paling ga tahan ngeliat blazer-blazernya Zara, so when I saw MP open PO for Zara, gw langsung mesen 3 item sekaligus....(for this month only :P)

First one is this pinkish-coral-red blazer. I saw it first time at Zara outlet, but too bad there's no more XS size left, fortunately through online shopping I can finally get my size. What I love about this blazer besides its gorgeous color are definitely the material and the cutting and oh, also the button details, couldn't believe gold button and bright pink could be well-matched together...I'm sure this one will definitely become my new favorite item :D 


Next one is a pair of "almost-the-same-color" blazer. It's a bright-but-soft-red-pinkish (mercy on my bad color-vocabulary :p) blazer, but the material on this blazer is totally different than the first one. This one has more airy-light material, not too stiff and not too structured like I always have. First time I try it on, it feels comfortable because its very light and the shape also fits nicely on me. I like how it can be looks formal and casual at the same time too.

Since the color is very safe, I can always mix-match it with any outfit I have in my drawers :D


And now I realize that I will have 3 pinkish blazers soon...not as I planned actually :(((

Ps: Last pair ternyata kembaran sama Desong..yeaaay..jadi anak yayasan kita bebih :p


  1. I love all your picks! The colours are beautiful and there is just something perfect about a classic blazer,

    Lacey xoxo

  2. ahahaha, punya blazer kembaran, celana merahpun sama, berasa cs bank apaaa gitu, lol

  3. Hi Lacey, thanks so much and you're so right, classic blazer would never go wrong :p

    Desong, embeeerr cyiiin..*toss


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