Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Gold Watches - Michael Kors 5436

I can't believe I've finally have a gold watch, honestly I never think that gold watch is good. I mean, its just too sparkly and too shiny and soo not "me". Plus given the fact that most of my accessories are made out of silver makes me even harder to fancy a gold watch.

Until one day I saw a friend of mine wore gold accessories and gold watches all together and somehow it's seem quite chic and eye-catchy to me, so I thought it's not bad at all, especially when I knew that there are several kind of gold-tone such as Gold-gold, Rose-gold and cooper-gold that will suits my skin-tone.

So when gold accessories and gold watches lately becomes a trend (telat bener nyadarnya), I was thinking perhaps I should have one too. *Kormod :P

And my option goes to a gorgeous gold watches from Michael Kors which I bought at Urban Icon Sency. It is a "like-love-want" feelings at the same time when I first saw it during lunch time and eversince I couldn't stop thinking of it. So soon after I finished worked, I ran to the mall and immediately bought it.

One thing that makes me even happier is when the SA told me that its only one left and she also said that this watches only being sold at 4 out of 6 stores in Jakarta, which means it's quite limited.

So here's my new Gold Watch from MK xoxox

Photographed by a PRO ;D

Pic taken from HERE

Excuse my "Hairy" hand :p

XoXo ;)


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