Monday, October 15, 2012

Make Up Forever Aqua Cream and Aqua Rouge Lip Color #8 Iconic Red

Akhirnya, gw punya eyeliner warna merah jugaaa....Setelah posting sebelumnya gw cuma berhasil beli eyeshadow merah doank, finally Jumat kemarin pas lagi jalan ma temen2 ke Grand Indonesia, gw iseng-iseng mampir ke counter Make Up Forever, and menemukan si eyeliner cream warna merah yang selama ini gw idam-idamkan.

It was called MUFE Aqua Cream #8, An ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream. It combines the highest-quality pigments with mother of pearl particles to give immediate rich color payoff with a luminous finish in just one application. It’s long-lasting formulation will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions and its creamy and elastic texture allows for easy blending. 

Aqua cream has a super duper gorjes color that I always wanted all this time, it's super pigmented and can be used for eyes, lip and face too. This is exactly as I needed and I love love love it.

Done bungkus si gel eyeliner, tiba-tiba aja Mba SA nya nawarin gw untuk nyobain lip color terbaru mereka dari seri Aqua Rouge Liquid Lip Color #8 Iconic Red. Hhhmmm...lipstick merah...udah ada 4 biji sih dirumah, tapii, nyoba-nyoba dulu gada salahnya lah yaw (selftalk) And entah karena kesambet setan Mufe atau emang si liquid lip color ini beneran bajuus banget jatuhnya dibibir gw, beli juga dehh...(bangkruts akuuuh)

Honestly, I've enough of red lipstick at home, but this one is something I can't say NO to. This lipstick has everything a red lipstick-lover ever wanted. Despite it's also the official lip color for Madonna’s highly anticipated MDNA tour, Aqua Rouge #8 also has a classic and universally flattering red that will brighten the entire face. It comes in a sleek, double-ended tube, with one side featuring the opaque, richly pigmented lip color, while the other end features a clear gloss to give the accompanying shade a mirror-like sheen. It doesn't leave any dryness or greasy sensation on your lips, it's super creamy, very moisturizing, it feels so moist and totally live up to their "ultra long- lasting" claim. 

Albeit the price seems a bit off for me (IDR 300rb), but the thought of not having to worry about reapplying every single time makes up for this.

I love my new make-up "toys" and I'm thinking about buying a different shade. Biar murah, keqnya gw mo beli lewat PO aja deeh (hemathemathemat)

Tried and Tested

XoXo ;)


  1. Baguuus. inspired nih, buat kondangan. Huehehehehe

  2. Thank you say...glad i can inspired you.

    Aniwei, once udh pake lippen ini, dijamin makeup matanya ga perlu effort lagi deh ya :)

  3. waaa pake lippen nya rapiiih
    cucok gie pake merah gie
    gw belum nemu merah yg wokeh niiy

  4. Ini rapi krn emang wand-nya gampang dipake celz, very precise (for me yaaak)
    hayuk donk hunting2..MUFE banyak yg bagus loh merahnya


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