Monday, October 8, 2012

Please Be Nice to Me..Hei October

Did you notice how terribly "sepi" my blog lately? well, it's all because I experiencing lack of inspiration to write, and to be honest, it tends to be a "desperasyiong mode" malah -__-

Bingung mau nulis apa dan bahas apa, setelah dapet post berbobot dari Pak Noe, koq rasa2nya postingan yang akan gw tulis nanti jadi berasa nothing yaaa....*huaaaaa

Hahaha..sebenernya gak boleh gitu juga sih, justru harusnya gw jadi makin tertantang untuk bikin article yang lebih (ngimpi) or setidaknya sama manfaatnya lah, tapi mana sanggup akuh dicompare sama one of Pemred Bloomberg Indonesia (getokjidat........blank........krikkrikkrik), wong isi blog gw banyakan cuma berisi cuap-cuap dubidudapdap doank -__- But well, musti tetep semangat ajalah pokoknya!

Long story short, it's October already, geez, another month goes by, and here I am, feeling ready than ever to face the new month.

The beginning of this month has been a very tiring moment for me, work load, work pressure and intriguing work environment. I was dealing with so many hard issues that aren't related to my job performance yet it's affecting my day-to-day working world. It's frustrating and stress the hell out of me for a while, but hey, guess I better not talk about it, because there's always "this person" in every company, they're exist to tests our capability, to tests our patience and to challenge us to be a better person, later on I'm sure I will learn a lot from this person. So the only thing I can do now is just work my ass off and trying hard, to just manipulate the situation as per I wanted to be, though it's not easy, but I can deal with it!

Besides those stressful moments, I also had a joyful moment. Good side of working on TV industry is that sometimes I could get a free ticket for certain events. Recently, I received free tickets to attending Harvey Malaiholo solo concert and Premier show Perahu Kertas 2. Though I'm not a huge fans of Indonesian cinema and HM (sorry folks), but I must say that it's quite entertaining...and I watched it for Free..hahahahhaha :p

Terpakai : 2, sisanya dibuang Kebuang sia-sia :(
I must admit that his voice is supeeerrrrrr baguusss...

With Sheila Madjid

One of the performer, Sm*sh...Bangga bgt mereka bisa sepanggung sama HM

It's official, I felt in love with HM voice



XoXo ;)


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