Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello March ;)

Holla..holla..March :) well..i know i know, ini udah tanggal 2 meaning gw telat ngepostingnya..tapi emang bru sempet posting2nya sekarang siih, lagian gak telat2 ameet, cuma sehari gituuh *alesan!

Today is weekend on early March..March is my month, my beloved month! I always feel excited when March is coming, i feel like i will receive something big, something special and i always believe that even-only-one of my dreams will come true (hopefully more than one..amin :p). Maybe its because March is my Bday month, so of course Im expecting my age increases. Im getting older, getting wiser (i wish), im getting serious (selama ini gak pernah serius soale) dan getting something what i always dream of! (apapun itu)

Well yeah, i do expecting a lot of things this month, i just hoping seiring umur gw yang bertambah, i learn to understand what i want, what i need and what i can do to make it all happen..

But first, i hope that my PR is approved so i can get a new lappy from office...amin amin amin 


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