Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Kutex Haul ;)

Yeaaay, I've new nail polish babies coming, all comes in RED (for sure) and im so excited to try them all ;)

As im not an expertise in nail polish thingy, thus I can't describe as good as other nail polish goddess' review that i've seen and read on the Internet. My review will be, well..very less-informative (maybe yaa) but I'm learning though :D

The first red nail polish i bought is OPI - Color So Hot It Berns. I bought this directly at the OPI outlet in Jakarta for IDR 180.000,- (it's very expensive i know, but it's an instantly love at the first sight, so w/o thinking too much, i bought it right away). And later on i don't regret it! CSHiB is amazing. It's bright, it's red and it's just good (i told you i cant describe perfectly). And one thing for sure that this color really suits my not-so-bright skin color.

My second and third red nail polishes were bought trough online shop. Its cheaper for sure, because its only cost me an IDR. 110.000,- for the OPI-Big Apple Red and IDR 80.000,- for the China Glaze-Ruby Pumps. Even thought I need to wait for about 2-3 weeks until it arrives in my office..but its surely worth the wait.

I definitely loooveee my last 2 nail polishes, they both looks supeer gorgeous! At first im kinda worried if BAR would looked similar to CSHiB, but thank God it's completely different. In my "nubie" opinion, BAR has a deeper, rich and dark red which reminds me of a fresh imported red apple in the fancy fruit stall :p what a suitable name indeed :p meanwhile CSHiB is more bright and seems to has a jelly-ish finish..(yah begitu deh)

Maybe my pictures can speak for it self :D 

The Comparison ;)

Lastly, CG-Ruby Pumps
(I haven't try it yet, but i know it will look awesooome, maybe ill do the manis tonight.

Since im too lazy and too sleepy to do the manis, i finally decided to wear the CG on top of my BAR, and cover it up with Seche Vite top coat to give more shine. The result is ok, but its too dark i guess, however, i loovvveee the glitter a lot!

PS: I also bought a new base coat from OPI-Nail Envy, i read so much (as always) about this amazing base coat. Every OPI Store in Jakarta sell it, however the price is 3 times pricey-er than if i bought it thru online Mall IDR 360.000,- OLShop IDR 160.000,- geezzzz


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