Friday, March 2, 2012

Im a Proud Arians ;)

And that's why i plan to post everything and anything related to "Aries Zodiac" and "March"..Pokoknya, I'll be totally Narsis with my zodiac sign this month...hohohoo :))

About Aries the Ram

Aries is the fiery first sign of the Zodiac, coinciding with Spring (Vernal) Equinox that falls around March 20th. 

Aries bursts forth like Spring, and meets life head-on. Aries symbol is the charging Ram, who puts everything its got into the fight or challenge of the moment.
  • Element is Fire (inspired and instinctual).
  • Quality is Cardinal (instigating).
  • Aries is Masculine (outgoing, penetrating)
  • Polarity is Libra.
  • Ruler is Mars.
  • Phrase is "I am."
  • Body Association: Face, eyes, and head (skull, head arteries).
  • First Zodiac Sign
  • Season is Spring
  • Colors are the red shades, scarlet, fire-engine, ruby.
  • Rules metallic Iron.
  • Birthstone is diamond, created from intense heat and pressure.
  • Gemstones (red) are bloodstone, garnet, ruby, red topaz, red aventurine, red agate, fire opal, orange celestite, ocher, iron pyrite. 
  • Flowers are tiger lily, forsynthia, gentian, honeysuckle, red poppy, geraniums, hollyhocks, anemone, red clover, crocus, narcissus, cuckoo flower, bachelor's buttons, stonecrop. 
  • Animals are the stinging insects (wasps, hornets), the swift ostrich, and prey animals like the fox, badger and shark.
Aries is an actor on the stage of life, vivacious or virile, inventive, a dynamo leader-type, the first to rush in, self-motivated, ambitious, ardent in love.
At the extreme edges, Aries is selfish, ruthless, easily bored, intimidating, harsh in behavior and speech, blinded by ego, careless, unaware of nuances, trampling of sensitivities.

Aries thrives on intense challenges, competition, new adventures, hatching grand schemes, sparking a wildfire of enthusiasm, lighting up a room. Aries is bravehearted, generous, demanding of Self and others, passionate and driven.

Hohohohoho...100% TRUE


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