Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip to Lembang, Bandung

I never thought that planning a holiday in Bandung on a long weekend period could be this difficult! And this is exactly what I encountered last week.

Finding a place to stay in is the most stressful part. All hotels, inns, hostels, kost2an (u named it) are all fully booked! If there's a room available, the rates could be double than the regular publish-rate and most likely the place was not located in a prominent area, which means it's far, difficult and spend a lot of time to reached.

My initial plan was to stay in Lembang, Bandung. This area is famous for its amazing landscape and refreshing climate. It's a cool mountainous town North of Bandung where we can see the whole Bandung City view and beautiful panoramas on the way.

Since there are not many place to stay in Lembang, our choice was increasingly shrinking :( from around 10 decent hotels with 3 or 4 stars, now only left 2 places to choose. Stressful indeed :(

But thank God  I managed to get it through Agoda at Pesona Bamboe (Agaiiin). This is the exact same place I stayed from my trip with ICO Team, and since I know this place is nice and clean and affordable and most importantly its available. I guess I wouldn't hesitate to book it right away then.

When we finally arrived at Bandung, the first place I want to visit is Bandung Super Mall (not mall agaain) Well, this is a very last minute decisions since I need to buy something and it's also a good chance for me to see it :P It was a very huge mall, maybe similar to Plaza Senayan in Jakarta, there are lots of branded shops as well there and I even lucky to get a pair of discounted Levi's Jeans.

From BSM, we go directly to Dago Resort area.

For me, Bandung is almost the same like Jakarta, traffic like hell and the street filled with B-Plat cars, we stressed and worried if were not able to reach the restaurant on time...but luckily BBP knows the area so well, He knows exactly which road should we take to avoid the chaotic jam.

Finally we arrived at Rumah Payung Resto at 11 p.m and with fully confident I said that I already make a reservation by telephone, but they said they didn't note it, however if we insist to eat there, they still have a table for us. Because I dont want to ruin the night, I just skipped the miskom and immediately chose the best table with the best view instead.

After being seated, we opened the menu, chose the menu, light a cigarette while enjoying the view, until....all of sudden I shocked and laugh at my self! BBP curiously saw me and asked what happened...and then with silly face I told him that I just realized that this is NOT the place I have booked....No wonder its not as good as I imagine! Geez, how can I be so stupid?! But what can I do? we're already there and its almost 00.00 to 25 March. So we spent the rest of the night laughing at it, all the time..Big Time!!

Silly indeed, but we're happy, I'm happy and the foods also makes us happy, we didn't complain at all with The Iga Bakar and Kambing Guling, it tasted superb. Or maybe its because we're starving and stress caused by a "misleading" and bad GPS signal that made us lost for almost an hour? Well, we dont know which one is right, coz what we know it tasted yummy.

This is where we ate
"Rumah Payung Bandung"

And this is where I make the booking
"Stone Cafe Bandung"

To make it more ironic, the restaurant I booked was actually located "only" 5minutes away from the restaurant we ate :(((

*STU to the PID :(

Again, since I didn't bring any decent camera, all cellphones are low battery, we're hungry, lost, tired endeblah endeblih...akhirnya gw comot aja gambar orang buat gambaran...

So the pics are courtesy of  Bin Pictorial & TripAdvisor


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