Monday, March 26, 2012

Pre and Pasca H-Day

Baru sadar udah hampir 4 hari gw gak isi blog, to be honest its because i cant think of anything these past few days, stressful by my demanding boss with his unstable schedule that are quite overwhelmed me...

However, i need to stick to the plan, coz I've been wanting this trip like forever, thus..i wont let anything ruin it.

In this special day of mine, i want it to be spent in a different place, different ambiance and different activity, no hura-hura, no party-party, no seneng2 yang ga guna..i want it to be quite, serene, peacefully so by the time the clock reach to 00.00 to 25 March, i could use it to pray to Allah SWT for all His Amazing Blessing.

Then I choose Lembang,'s the right place to avoid keramaian and what i like the most about it, is that i can see an amazing view from here.

View to Bandung City

Photos taken from Here and Here, as i didnt have time to take pict and i dont bring any decent camera minjeem yaaa :D


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