Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My First Essie Nail Polishes - Avenue Maintain & Naughty Nautical Mini Set

I cannot sleep. It's 6am in the morning yet I cannot closed my eyes even for a while. As you know I'm still off-working and enjoying what being called enjoyable-long-leave, thus I never worried to wake up late, even until past twelve..haha (gak beneer iniiih)

Back to the subject lol. After checking my archives, I just realized that I haven't bought any nail polishes since February 13. Geez, its almost 5 months ago. I believe I've missed so many great collections. But since I'm only a Nailpolish junkie-wanna be, i'm not that sad if i missed one or two or even hundreds of great new collections. I'm sure I can always buy them at later time.

During almost 5 months nail polish haul hiatus, around several weeks ago I started to order nail polish again. This time I thinking about buying different brand and that brand was Essie!

Essie is the must-have in nail care. Essie’s multiple prize winning formula is known for its “no-chip” properties, assuring perfect long-lasting coverage. A charming whimsical and distinct name is given to each color to show-off the personality captured by this color.

The brand is so famous amongst nail polish junkie, and I guess I'm the last person who happened to realize it far too long. When everyone has had hundreds of their collections, I've just started thinking to collecting them since last month. *shame on me*

And my first Essie nail polishes was Essie Avenue Maintain from the Madison Ave-Hue collection. It's a medium sky blue shade with cream finish. I never think that I would love this kind of shade, but that chic Parisian blue just caught my eyes and I instantly fell in love with it.

The formula was great, although in my opinion the consistency was a little bit too thick, thus it's a bit trickier to apply than my other nail polishes, but it's still easy. It gave perfect coverage only in 2 coats. The dry time was okay and pretty long lasting. I just got several minor chipped on top of my nails after more than 5 days and after doing the dishes *no complaint to that, though! 

As always, I ordered the nail polish through online shopping at MP-FD Lena, since they're not available yet here in Indonesia.

My upcoming Essie nail polish would be the Summer 2013 Naughty Nautical Mini Set collection, which I hope will be arrived soon in few more days. I decided to buy this because of the pretty shimmer and only just one set, I can get 4 awesome colors to try on. I can't wait!


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