Monday, July 29, 2013

Like a B26!

Hi All, 

Yang lagi berpuasa, sudah kelar sahurkah? kalo bisa, please stay awake a little longer and wait for subuh to come and jangan lupa do the subuh pray yaa. After that..silahkeun dilanjut bobo2 cantiknya.

Me? berhubung gada kerjaan, alhasil gw udah menjelma jadi manusia kalong yang cuma bisa merem ketika matahari udah nangkring dengan yeah..I'm not sleepy at all rite now. In fact, I can even do a blog post!

Post kali ini cuma mau cerita2 betapa seru dan hebohnya temen2 kostan gw yang baru ini. Each person came from a different background, which means they all have a different character as well. I cannot mention person to person, but to my opinion, everyone complements to each other. 

Ada yang talkative, ada yang passive, ada yang aggressive dan ada yang impulsive. They're all unique in their own ways. As for myself, I can always become anything depends on the needs and situations. Even long before I moved to the new kostan, I've always been appointed as person in charge for every kostan event, gathering, hangouts and even break fasting together. I dunno if it's because my natures, or its because I'm the oldest (though, Im not proud of it -__-). It's seems they all understand that I loved being in charge. Likewise in the new kostan!

I love arranging things, organizing people and of course gathering people to know one another. It is fun how most of us can get together pretty well. We all can mingle and laughed at any kind of jokes. Thus no wonder if I mostly spent my weekend with some or most of them.

Especially during this holy month, where we always wake up for sahur together and sometimes did iftar outside our kostan. It was fun indeed!

Our first Girls Night Out.

Our first karokoe time and closing-an :p

During fasting month and farewell Gani Si anak Medan :(

Such a short period of time, yet there are so many story has been shared amongst us. I do hope our friendship will last forever.

Btw, rata2 dari kita berasal dari luar Pulau Jawa. Ada si wong kito gilo, ada si Nasution dan ada si Papilaya yang ternyata aslinya adalah keturunan Jawa dan India *rollingeyes*. For me, that's a good news, karena pasti akan banyak oleh2 mudik dari mereka semua nanti (ngareps ya cyiint).


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