Wednesday, July 17, 2013

100k Pageviews :)))

OMG, I dont believe it, is it for real? Is what i'm looking of true? My pageviews has been hitting 100.000+ views...awaaawaaww..I'm super duper excited ^^.

I can't believe that I've been blogging since 3 years ago. Maybe for some people that number doesn't sounds "awesome" as I've been blooginf for years, yet I only reached 100k. But the hell, I'm proud of myself. 

I never even thought that I would want to continue blogging after some frustration and hopeless phase cause of lack of ability to writing on the first year, but hell..I keep doing it though and as time goes by, to me, blogging is always been my personal expression!

It doesn't matter if no one understand what I write and it doesn't matter if what I write may not be oh-so-inspiring to other people, because what matter the most to me is that I keep on doing it, I like doing it and that I want to learn to be better on it.

And after few years, who would've thought that there are some people who looking at my blog! *biggrin*

Not like some other pro-advance and senior bloggers, I already feel super delighted even its only hits 100k. I cannot imagine if I can finally reached a Mio pageviews! Geez, it will took another 27 years do'oh -_____________________-


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