Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Recap - July #1

Alhamdulillah, I'm done with my sahur and it's time to wait for Subuh Pray. While waiting for it, I think it's better if I start to post another weekly recap (akhirnya!) It's been quite a long time I haven't post about weekly recap! Frankly speaking, I felt too overwhelmed with lots of thoughts, plans, ideas, what-to-do(s) on my head. As you may probably know, I've been out-of-work for this several weeks. Don't ask why, because it was my decision, and honestly speaking, Insya Allah I would never regret it. I do believe 'rejeki tidak akan tertukar" and selama kita terus berusaha dan berdoa, Insya Allah juga semuanya akan menjadi baik!

So yeah, one of the reasons I skipped so many weekly recap is because of that; I don't have enough story to tell because there's nothing to be told. My daily life was so-so. I spent most of my 'santai' day by staying at new kostan, browsing here and there, going out with him or her, and helping out BBP on his project; like went to this super fancy home decor store and raising my eye brows every time he asked me to buy that "not-so-picturesque" coffee table for a price of my kostan rent for a year! Blaaah! But well, I kinda liked it though. I think it's quite interesting. I learned a lot from BBP's job, I understand a little bit about how to make RAB for interior design project, I learned how to negotiate the curtains price and I also get the chance to know that there are sooo many "unreasonable-price" furniture out there, which surprisingly salable. Other than that, sorry to disappoint you..but, it was all boring! 

But then again, if I start to write another weekly recap, it could be mean something aite? whether I finally had a story to be told or I experienced something enticing. Both, I must say. I feel like I wanna write everything right now. 

So let's give it a start then!

On My Life
"Eventually all the pieces fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and know everything happens for a reason"
"Sometimes we need to thanked for one closed door as it will leads us to a new open door"
"When someone shows faith in you, you feel like you are worth it. Which is why when we are encouraged, we all blossom.
"If you never challenge yourself, you will never know your potential"

On My Health
Alhamdulillah semoga selalu sehat yaa..bhuuhbhuuh *suara nyembur* Amiin. So far my complaint was never been far from low back pain. I've checked to a good -Harvard Uni Graduated- Doctor at Rumah Sakit Jakarta the other day, and after several examinations and rontgen' results, he said that my spinal column was okay and that there's nothing wrong with my bone structure nor the spinal cord. So it's actually only because of my incorrect postures! The way I sit and the way I stand that can also trigger the LBP. Thus, starting from there I began to sit and standing straight. I also started to doing some stretching exercises such as pilates and yoga. Not much, just once or twice a week, but regularly. I do hope it works...Amiin (lagi)

On  My Social Life
I've done plenty of hangouts! (AGeJeH) Yeaah, being so-called-out-of-work-person does feels so great. I meant, when else can I get a chance slept and woke up super late if not being that person?! When else can I go out without worrying that my boss will suddenly call me just to check his flight (which I already reminded him several minutes ago) or when else can I do mall hopping, groceries hunting or even window shopping on a weekday if I am not that person?! So, I am glad with what ever decision I made. Although I realized that the laid back and the leisurely feeling wouldn't last forever. Sooner or later, I will miss all the manic-monday feeling, the morning routines, the deadlines (really?!!) and those 'at wits end' chores. And most importantly, I will miss my working attire, my lovely blazers! But I believe that it doesn't last forever either. Insya Allah, everything I miss will soon be coming true. *crossing my fingers* Until then, I will make time for my besties and brady bunchs as much as possible I can.

On Make Me Happy
Do I really need to explain this? seriously? you want to know? hokay..what makes me happy? shopping, get new things, owning dreaming things, surrounded by lovely friends, family gathering and of course seeing my parents healthy. But I'm not gonna to talk about that one by one though. Cause what I want to explain in here is just my passion for doing online shopping (not-to-be-followed) Recently I've been receiving so many new things from my previous mini hauls. Clothing, cosmetics, skincare even shoes. Geez, I spent quite a lot for this month only and I guess it wouldn't stop in a near time, as I am still on the hunt for that gorgeous, gorgeous, MK Hamilton Red Bag and the Zara Tartan Blazer. I've been dreaming about the bag for several days, thus it's so obvious that I really want it badly. So if somebody would ever care to ask (if) what makes me happy -for now- it's definitely if I can get those 2 dream items on my hands, right now, right this instance! *sepele amat ya itemnya..LOL*

On My New Activity
I don't dare to commit myself for any long-term commitment right now. I've had so many things going on in my head. Therefore, I really need to rethink and reconsidered everything all over again. But, for now on, taking that after office or weekend classes would not be a good decision! So, my new activity is as simple as mall hopping and searching furniture for BBP projects ajuaah :D

On My Future Wishes
Insya Allah, next month I'll be joining one of the well-esteemed construction company from US that just been established in Indonesia. I definitely have a lot of hopes in this new promising career path. Thus, I will surely carry out my biggest effort to it. So wish me luck ya...AMIN!

 Caiyoo Gie!


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