Friday, July 12, 2013

Trip to Malang with My Familia - Day 4 (Back to Jakarta)

Agenda hari ke-4 sudah tentuw kembali ke kampung halaman aka Back to the chaotic town of Jakarta!

Setelah sarapan, kita ke kamar untuk ngecek sekali lagi barang2 jangan sampe ada yang tertinggal and continued with check-out.

I must admit that we're all very pleased staying at Havana Hotel. It's super clean and very convenience too. I highly recommend this hotel, especially when I know it's a refurbished building, hence everything seems spotless and fresh. I liked it.

Our plane boarded at 2pm. Since the distance from hotel to airport is very near (only half an hour drive) thus, we still have time to go around the hotel once more and then finally, took a cab that brings us straight to the Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport.

I was very surprised when I saw the airport. It's quite small for so-called-an-airport. There's only one major big building with only one entry for security checking line. On the inside, there were only 4 check-in counters which 2 of them are closed due to lunch hours. So you can imagine, how jam-packed it was! 

After paying for a very-cheap airport tax, we headed to another security checking line, then we wait for about an hour before we finally boarding.

I chose Citilink for our return trip from Malang. The reason I chose this well because for one it's a new established domestic airlines and two because the fare was cheap. And why not giving it a try then! 

When our plane arrived, we need to walk by foot to reach it. And I seriously didn't complaint at all when I overlooked the surroundings.  This airport has a magnificent view, since it's being surrounded by hills and mountains. 

Setelah perjalanan kurleb satu jam setengah, akhirnya kita safely landed di Jakarta. Berhubung waktu kepulangan kita pas weekday dan pas jam pulang orang kantor, so bisa dibayangkan betapa macetnya perjalanan dari Airport ke Lenteng Agung! Sangking lamanya, kita sampe kelaperan ditengah jalan dan terpaksa berhenti sebentar di Sate Khas Senayan Pancoran sebelum akhirnya sampe rumah setelah lebih dari 4 jam!

Cape, seneng, puas, lega..itu adalah perasaan yang kita rasakan or khususnya yang gw rasakan. Betapa tidak, akhirnya sempet juga ngajakin bonyok keluar kota walopun masih dalam jarak dekat. Alhamdulillah ada rejekinya dan pas kondisi ayah juga lagi mendingan. As you know, my Dad was having a stroke since 7 years ago. Ever since, kondisi dia gak pernah lebih baik dari waktu dia jalan2 kali ini. Nah berhubung pergi sama orang tua yang kondisinya kurang fit, mau ga mau gw juga musti mikirin semua hal yang sekiranya malah bisa bikin bokap kecapean or gak happy. Tapi lagi2 Alhamdulillah...sampe dirumah, Ayah baik2 aja tuh!

Insya Allah ada rejeki lagi dan semuanya sehat2..tripnya lebih baik dan lebih jauh lagi ya Yah ;)


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