Friday, July 19, 2013

Addicted to Zara - Fashion Haul

I love love love Zara!

That line can definitely defines my passion for their chic and super gorgeous collections. Especially when I'm so head over heels for their adorable blazers. Personally, I don't think there are any other clothing lines that able to create and produced such a lovely and very detailed blazer like Zara did.

Sounds like another Zara-centric post. Yes, I admit it that I am weak when it comes to their superb summer blazer collections. I just feel that I have to have them all (only if i could).

After having more than 30 blazers which 20 of them are Zara. I don't think it's a sin to have more new staples to my working wardrobe. As I mentioned earlier, I love blazers so much because its such a versatile pieces than can be worn over everything from jeans to trousers and can instantly add polish to your whole ensemble.

As for this summer, again, I cannot hold my self to order their pre-sale blazer, blouse, t-shirt and trousers collections. And as a result, I will be expecting these new babies to come into my wardrobe very very soon ^^.

Another black blazer? Why not. Shouldn't we all have had at least more than 3 black blazers, don't we?! 

Personally, I never like this kind of an eye-turner blazer, but it was on sale and it's summer, so I am justifying this as my summer and -one not to be missed- blazer :D 

I fell in love with this blazer at first sight so much so that I actually doesn't care if the color wouldn't compliments my not-so-bright skin tone, or worst, if it's going to make me look even dull. But, that color..come'on, who could resist such a beautiful, cool and soft baby blue color like that? Cause I can't!

I've been wanting this trousers for months, but I hesitate if I will ever gonna wear it. It does looks simple, but when I try it, it really gives a slightly "bigger thigh" vision on me. But hell, it was on sale, and I think it will be a great mix-match to my black blazer. Deal done! 

When I first saw below pic of upcloseandstylish ( I followed her IG btw) I knew that I got to have it and -perhaps- I can pull it off as good as her. But guess I forgot one thing, that her killer body and legs were no match to mine *crying out loud*
PS : Now's the time to hunt for the black blouse and the navy blazer!

Finally I can own this blouse on a sale price. As in Indonesia, the price for this blouse cost around IDR. 600.000,- / USD 30 Not that too worthy only for a blouse. But, since it's on 50% discount, I think it's worthy. 

When I find something I love, I tend to buy more than one color. And since I already had the white version of this and I like it, then why not buy another different color.

I love wearing three quarter sleeves blouses, and this one is no exception. Since it's blue, I think I am going to pair it with my baby blue blazer above.

I don't own many sweatshirt and this one seems unique, especially with its pocket and back design.

Simple yet very eye-catchy, thanks to its shoulder detailing.

Just love it!

Geez, I shop a lot of black tops, though it's summer. But well, nothing can ever go wrong with black.

So there you are, my -this month only- recent fashion hauls. I do hope they will arrive soon at my kostan, because I can't wait to wear them all.

Happy Fasting All ^^



  1. ini yg PO ke Maria beb? banyaknyaaah :D
    tp yg celana ke 2 lucu kok, berhubung black and white masih oke lah yaa.. ngga rame2 bgt

    1. Maria and MakDon beeeb, mana aja yg masih ada sizenya :D

      gpp deh sdikit splurging, kan mo mulai kerjaan bayuu..huhuhu

      celana yg kedua ndak item/putih beb, its actually navy. Gegara liat IG nya si upclose itu, lgsung gw ngebet bgt pingin

    2. makdon bukannya sering lelet orderin yaa?
      punya Marcie dari new arrival sampe udah jadi barang sale kaga dibeliin jugaa hahaha..
      pantesan banyak blouse yg ga ada di web NL..spain emang paling lengkap sih yaa

      ihiiiy kantor baruuu.. abis lebaran ya masuknya?


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